List of columns

(1) Identifiers: The first three columns identify an answer list. An answer list always refers to one questionnaire. It is not possible to refere from a question in questionnaire A to an answer list in questionnaire B.

The fourth column (value) identifies an item of an answer list.

  • study Name of the study (primary key).
  • questionnaire Name of the questionnaire (primary key).
  • answer_list Name of the answer_list within the questionnaire (primary key).
  • value Integer value of the answer (primary key).

(2) Content: The content of an item is a label. This label can be translated.

  • label Answer label in the primary language (usualy English).
  • label_* Translations of the label. Please replace * by a two-digit language code, e.g. label_de for a German label.


Answer labels are translateable. The language of the translation is set using
a two letter code, e.g. label_de for a German label. The default language
for the column label is English.