List of Columns

  • study Name of the study (primary key)
  • logical_dataset Name of the dataset (primary key)
  • logical_variable Name of the variable (primary key)
  • label Human-readable label.
  • concept Name of the underlying concept (foreign key)
  • questionnaire Name of the underlying questionnaire (foreign key)
  • question Name of the underlying question (foreign key)
  • item Name of the underlying item (foreign key)
  • is_primary_key Boolean indicator, if this variable is part of the
    dataset’s primary key.
  • basket_key Name of an study-specific identifier in this dataset, which
    is used for the script generator.
  • basket_is_default Boolean indicator, whether a script generator should
    include this variable by default, if its dataset is used.

Special Rules

  • The link to a question (or question item) is only established if the
    question already exists. There are no new questions created by